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StuCo Information 2016-2017


2016-2017 StuCo Members

President –Dawson Adams and Ann Stegman

Vice President – Tyler Broxterman and Drew Morgan

Secretary – Kenzie Feeney

Treasurer –Braden Allphin

6th Grade Representatives 

Ben Evans

Brooklyn DeLeye

Dylan Foster

Hallie Pavlik

Ava Teply

7th Grade Representatives

Kate Roeder

Mallory Renyer

Riley Schmidtlein

Macy Smith

Grady Nichol

8th Grade Representatives

Lauren Harmon

Stephen Moore

Nick Quaney



Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is time to start thinking about StuCo! This is an organization formed to promote school spirit and service in our school and church community. The meetings will be held on Fridays from 10:00 – 10:30, but may occasionally require additional class time or time before or after school.

Please discuss this commitment with your child and if you agree that this is something they would like to be involved in, please sign their application. The application will be due on Tuesday, August 23rd to Mrs. Morgan or Mrs. Speier room 126.

After turning in the application, there will be an interview process with a panel of teachers. Interviews will be held as follows:

6th – 8th graders will interview after school on Wednesday, August 24th.

Interviews are on a first/come first serve basis, so it will be difficult to determine how long they will take. We do not expect them to go longer than 4:30.

6th – 8th graders are eligible for representatives; 7th & 8th graders are eligible for Vice Presidents, Treasure, and Secretary; and 8th graders only eligible for President.

Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Speier


StuCo Application

StuCo Essay Form



StuCo finalist for the Spirit Shirt Contest


StuCo Winner


Halloween Costume Contest Winners

K-2   Most Creative – Donuts, Holiest/Cutest – Astronaut, Funniest – Washing Machine, Best Group – Policewoman and Robber

IMG_0580 IMG_0577 IMG_0581 IMG_0558

3-5   Most Creative – Zombie Prom Queen, Holiest/Cutest – Police Cat, Funniest – Dr. Pepper Vender, Best Group – The Price is Right


6-8   Most Creative – Stick Figures, Holiest/Cutest – Minnie Mouse, Funniest – Toilet, Best Group – Fruit