Our Academics

Christ the King is fully accredited by the State of Kansas, the North Central Accreditation Association, and employs certified classroom teachers. Our commitment to faith formation enhances the academic learning in our classrooms. Catholic schools have a rich tradition of challenging their students and demanding excellence. Our academic results speak to the strength of our educational environment at Christ the King, and the expertise of our administration, faculty and staff.

  • Our students average a 3.65GPA on a higher grading scale (94-100 A).
  • Current class size averages are 18-20 students.

Special Needs Education

We strive to educate all of God’s children to the best of our ability. Students with special needs are evaluated first by our SIT (Student Improvement Team). We have MTSS (Multi-tiered systems of support) in all grades K-8. Teachers use individualized instruction techniques through Scantron. Once needs are identified, we work with the public school systems for professional services and support. These services are provided either at Christ the King or off-campus.

Download our Curriculum Development Strategic Plan (coming soon)