Click on the tabs below to take a peek at our technology and facilities. If you are interested in Christ the King School don’t forget to come and visit us!


Our classrooms are spacious, well-lit and well-maintained. Each classroom has individual student cubby areas, as well as mounted ceiling projectors for any and all technology needs. Christ the King has an excellent science laboratory, music room, art room and counseling rooms.


Christ the King has a spacious gymnasium with 2 legal size courts. It was constructed in 2003. We are proud to host many events in our excellent facility.


Kindergarten has a private playground donated by the PTO in 2006.   Both of our playgrounds received a matching grant for rubberized mulch. Christ the King has two large outdoor fields that are used for soccer, kickball, other activities and field day.


All students visit our library once a week for lessons and to check-out resources. The Adventuremobile (Topeka Public Library) also visits once per month.

CTK Library Search


HURRAY!!! Spring is finally here.  Time to grab yourself a new book and relax after a busy day!

We have added a number of new historical and fun fiction books to the library.  Also, we have 14 new country books with updated information and spectacular pictures.  What a great way to learn more about our world!

Students in grades 3-8 continue to read books from the 2017-2018 William Allen White list.  When completing the program, they will be treated to a pizza party during lunch at school.

Parents thank you for continuing to encourage your students to read good literature.

Art Room

Art can teach empathy and help children learn how to de-stress and focus. Specifics about our Art Room are coming soon!

Music Room

Music can lift the spirit and be used to fuel spirituality and creativity. Specifics about our Music Room are coming soon!

Science Lab

Science can broaden a child’s horizon. Curious minds will love to explore and learn in our Science Lab.

Computer Labs

25 state of the art iMac computers are always in use in our computer lab. Mobile iPads (25) and Chromebooks (50) labs are supported by a strong and fast wifi signal throughout the educational areas. An additional state of the art large technology classroom (John XXIII Room) is also available for conferencing and distance learning.

Digital Arts Elective – Students are practicing forced perspective.

shoe  cup

Digital Arts Elective – Students are taking pictures of spoons and learning about reflections.