Adding links through html can be a little tricky. Here is a break down of the code below to make it a little easier. The html will be explained in red text.

<table> This is a table tag. It is a container for the links to sit in. You won’t have to mess with this.

<td> This is a column inside of the table. if you look in the html below you will see there are two columns in every table. You will want to try and have the same number of links in each column so one is not longer than the other.

<ul class=”resources”> ul is an unordered list. You will not need to mess with this.

<a href=”https://www.abcmouse.com/” target=”_blank”><li>abcmouse</li></a>

Above is a link I will show you how to edit that link below.

The <li> tag denotes that the link should be a list item, that is where the bullet points come from.

target=”_blank” means you want the link to open in a new page. If you are linking to content on this website you can simply delete this portion of the code.

<a href=”ADD YOUR LINK HERE” target=”_blank”><li>ADD NAME OF LINK HERE (THIS WILL SHOW UP ON PAGE)</li></a>